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Fig. 4

From: Genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation and gene expression defines molecular characteristics of Crohn’s disease-associated fibrosis

Fig. 4

Interaction network for genes differentially expressed and differentially DNA methylated in fibrotic HIF. The blue circles represent the genes entered into the Cytoscape plugin for GeneMANIA. While the network was built for all differentially expressed genes, only the interactions from the subset that show both differential expression and DMRs are shown here. The gray circles are additional genes closely associated with the input genes. The size of the circle (node) is the number of neighbors each gene connects to. The edges are indicated by associations found through previously published co-expression, co-localization, and genetic and physical interactions. The genes/nodes with edges connected to PTGDS are colored green, the edges that connect to PTGIS are colored violet, and those to WNT2B are colored red

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