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Fig. 4

From: MSRE-HTPrimer: a high-throughput and genome-wide primer design pipeline optimized for epigenetic research

Fig. 4

qPCR-based evaluation of the performance parameters of designed assays. The boxplots illustrate the slope, correlation coefficient, qPCR efficiency, and the theoretical 1 ng detection of singleplex and multiplex qPCR experiments on Roches Lightcycler 480. Columns a, b, and c show boxplots from the singleplex experiments including all 200 tested assays (a), successfully tested assays in singleplex reactions (135, b), and final selected 90 MSREqPCR assays (c). Columns d, e, and f show the multiplex results including 135 tested assays (d), successful tested assays in multiplex reactions (128, e), and again the performance of final chosen 90 assays (f)

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