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Fig. 2

From: Real-time monitoring efficiency and toxicity of chemotherapy in patients with advanced lung cancer

Fig. 2

Elevated methylation level after cisplatin-based chemotherapy was correlated with good tumor response in ALC patients of training study. a Tumor response evaluation and tumor markers levels. In patients with elevated APC and/or RASSF1A methylation level, the efficient response rate (ERR) was higher; most cases had decreased tumor markers levels. b Kaplan–Meier curve for OS of patients with and without elevated APC methylation levels (median OS, 18 vs. 9 months, P < 0.05). c Kaplan–Meier curve for OS rates of patients with and without upregulated RASSF1A methylation levels (median OS, 20 vs. 8 months, P < 0.05). d Kaplan–Meier curves for OS rates of patients with elevated methylation levels of at least one gene and those without increased APC or RASSF1A methylation (median OS, 25 vs. 6 months, P < 0.01). eh Methylation status and CT scan images of four representative patients. e, f Two patients died within 4 and 5 months of diagnosis, respectively. g, h Two patients remained alive during this study

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