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Figure 4

From: Epigenetic reprogramming of melanoma cells by vitamin C treatment

Figure 4

Vitamin C treatment decreases the malignant phenotype of A2058 cells in vitro. (A) MTT assay shows that Vitamin C at pharmacological levels (0.5 mM to 2 mM) inhibits A2058 cell proliferation while it does not affect A2058 cell proliferation at physiological levels (0.05 mM to 0.1 mM). (B) Treatment with vitamin C (0.1 mM) mitigates A2058 cell migration as tested by the transwell assay. (C to D) Vitamin C treatment (0.1 mM) inhibits the anchorage-independent growth of A2058 cells, and 0.01 mM vitamin C has no obvious effect. A representative image of soft-agar assay is shown in (C). Quantitative data of colonies formed (#/well) in the soft-agar assay (D). (*P < 0.05).

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