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Figure 3

From: Epigenetic reprogramming of melanoma cells by vitamin C treatment

Figure 3

Vitamin C treatment increases the content of 5hmC in A2058 melanoma cells. (A to B) The dot-blot and semi-quantitative analysis of the dot-blot show that treatment with vitamin C (0.01 mM) increase 5hmC to approximately sixfold of the basal level. Higher concentrations of vitamin C (0.1 mM to 1 mM) induce 5hmC generation at a similar level (approximately ninefold in increase). (C to D) Vitamin C treatment (0.1 mM) time-dependently increases the content of 5hmC in A2058 cells as showed by the dot-blot and the semi-quantitative analysis of the dot-blot. Quantitative data are relative amounts of 5hmC.

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