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Figure 2

From: Epigenetic reprogramming of melanoma cells by vitamin C treatment

Figure 2

Vitamin C treatment raises 5hmC content toward that in healthy melanocytes. (A) The dot blot shows vitamin C treatment (0.1 mM) for 48 h and increases the global content of 5hmC in melanoma cells at different stages (RGP, VGP, and metastatic) toward the level in healthy melanocytes. (B) The semi-quantitative analysis of the dot-blot indicates that vitamin C significantly promotes 5hmC generation in melanoma cells. (Mean ± SD, *P < 0.01). The level of 5hmC (mean) in untreated melanocytes is set up as ‘1’. The relative levels of 5hmC in melanoma cells with or without vitamin C treatment are shown.

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