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Figure 4

From: Platelet mitochondrial DNA methylation: a potential new marker of cardiovascular disease

Figure 4

Technical replicates and quantitative validation of mtDNA pyrosequencing assays. Spearman correlation coefficients (r) of the technical replicates (replicates 1 and 2) for the designed pyrosequencing assays were (a) 0.97 for MT-CO1, (b) 0.93 for MT-CO2, and (c) 0.76 for MT-CO3. The plot curve is displayed with a 95% confidence band. The quantitative validation of 0% and 100% methylated DNA for the (d) MT-CO1, (e) MT-CO2, and (f) MT-CO3 assays (red circle) were compared with 0% and 100% control oligonucleotides (black rectangle).

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