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Table 5 Clinical, comorbidity and demographic factors for normal human liver cohort

From: Differential DNA methylation of genes involved in fibrosis progression in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease

PATIENT Gender Indication resection Pre-op chemo Regimen Comorbidity Diabetes Medication Background liver histology
1 Female Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma No   Nil No Nil Bridging fibrosis and chronic cholestasis
2 Male Colorectal mets No   Nil No Nil Mild inflammation portal tracts
3 Male Extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma No   Nil No Nil Mild chronic inflammation portal tracts and minimal steatosis
4 Female Colorectal mets Yes FOLFIRI and Bevacizumab Ischaemic heart disease; hypertension; thoracic outlet syndrome No Aspirin; bendroflazide; fluoxetine; isosorbide mononitrate; lansoprazole; simvastatin Normal
5 Female Colorectal mets No   Cleft palate; malnutrition No Aspirin; ferrous fumarate Normal
6 Female Colorectal mets Yes FOLFOX and Cetuximab Nil No Nil Mild to moderate macrovesicular steatosis; degree of nodular regenerative hyperplasia
7 Male Colorectal mets No   Anxiety No Amitriptyline; propanolol; tamsulosin, loperamide Macrovesicular steatosis
8 Male Colorectal mets No FOLFIRI and Bevacizumab Hypertension No Amlodipine; ramipril Mild steatosis only
9 Female Colorectal mets No   Nil No Omeprazole; temazepam Minimal macrovesicular steatosis
10 Female Colorectal mets No Capecitabine and Bevacizumab Hypertension; hiatus hernia No Amlodipine; lansoprazole; pyridoxine; ramipril Unremarkable
11 Female Colorectal mets No   Nil No Nil Unremarkable
12 Male Colorectal mets No   Nil No Nil Normal
13 Male Colorectal mets No   Nil No Nil Normal
14 Male HCC No   Hypertension No Atenolol; candesartan; lercanidipine; simvastatin Moderate macrovesicular steatosis - no fibrosis or steatohepatitis
15 Male HCC No   Colorectal cancer No Aspirin Minimal macrovesicular steatosis
16 Male Colorectal mets No   Ischaemic heart disease   Ramipril; simvastatin; bisoprolol; aspirin Mild macrovesicular steatosis and chronic inflammation of portal tracts; no steatohepatitis or fibrosis
17 Male HCC No   Breast cancer; Parkinson’s disease; coeliac disease; asthma   Betahistine; Calci-chew; Co-beneldopa; Co-careldopa; ferrous fumarate; fluoxetine; seretide; ipratropium; stalevo; omeprazole; oxytetracyline; ropinirole; salbutamol Mild sinusoidal dilatation otherwise normal