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Table 4 Fusion gene screening by RNA sequencing

From: DNA methylation-based subtype prediction for pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Sample ID Subtype Methylation subtype a FISH/PCR Read pairs Fusion gene
ALL_176 Non-recurrent t(1;19)* t(1;19) Not tested 84.3 M No fusion detected
ALL_392 Normal t(1;19)* t(1;19) Negative 94.4 M No fusion detected
ALL_390 Normal t(1;19)* t(1;19) Negative 102.6 M No fusion detected
ALL_11 No result t(12;21)* t(12;21) Not tested 99.5 M t(20;21)RUNX1/ASXL1
ALL_106 HeH t(12;21)* t(12;12) Negative 57.3 M t(7;12)CBX3/ETV6
ALL_495 Normal t(12;21)* t(12;21) Negative 32.1 M t(3;12)ETV6/AK125726
ALL_391 Non-recurrent dic(9;20)* NA 98.6 M No fusion detected
ALL_58 Non-recurrent Non-class NA 89.0 M No fusion detected
ALL_61 Normal Non-class NA 101.8 M No fusion detected
ALL_Validation_20 HeH Non-class NA 19.0 M t(5;15)BRD9/NUTM1
ALL_313 Non-recurrent Multi-class NA 116.7 M No fusion detected
ALL_619 Non-recurrent Multi-class NA 84.3 M t(9;14)PAX5/ESRRB
ALL_403 Non-recurrent Multi-class NA 95.2 M inv(9)PAX5/ZCCHC7
ALL_246 Non-recurrent Multi-class NA 120.5 M t(9;12)PAX5/ETV6
ALL_485 Non-recurrent Multi-class NA 90.6 M t(9;12)PAX5/ETV6
ALL_373 Non-recurrent Multi-class NA 96.2 M del(X)P2RY8/CRLF2
ALL_497 Non-recurrent Multi-class NA 89.7 M No fusion detected
  1. *Patients with DNA methylation patterns similar to those of the recurrent ALL subtypes.
  2. aSubtype determined by DNA methylation-based classification.
  3. Abbreviation: NA not applicable.