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Figure 1

From: Restitution of gene expression and histone acetylation signatures altered by hepatitis B virus through antiviral microRNA-like molecules in nontransformed murine hepatocytes

Figure 1

Gene expression analyses in hepatitis B virus met murine hepatocytes (HBV-Met) with suppressed hepatitis B virus (HBV) replication versus untreated HBV-Met. A. Relative enrichment of mRNA in MMH-D3 versus HBV-Met. H02 to H05 were used for normalization. B. 3TC-treated HBV-Met versus HBV-Met. C. HBV-Met treated with siRNA versus HBV-Met. D. pEPI-U6-shRNA and assessment of HBsAg. E. HBV-Met treated with antiviral short-hairpin RNA (shRNA) versus HBV-Met. F. HBV-Met treated with nonesense shRNA versus HBV-Met. G. Signal subtraction results from D and E. A-G. Statistical data are represented as boxplots displaying median fold-differences, interquartile range, and minimum/maximum values. Gray-shaded: fold-change range between -2.0x/+2.0x. Green: Ten most upregulated genes; red: Ten most downregulated genes. Cyan: 8 selected stably expressed genes. Fold-changes >1 indicate upregulation in HBV-Met versus MMH-D3; fold-changes <1 indicate downregulation. **P ≤0.01; *0.01 ≤ P ≤0.05.

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