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Table 2 Oligonucleotide primers

From: DNMT1 genetic polymorphisms affect breast cancer risk in the central European Caucasian population

rs number Gene SNP AA Position Chromosome Target sequence Codon
rs2228612 DNMT1 A201G I/V Exon 19 5′-CAGAAA(C/T)CTGTGG-3′ 327
rs34843713 DNMT3A G301C R/P Exon 2 5-AAGGGG(C/G)GATCAT-3 749
rs34191084 DNMT3A G301A G/S Exon 2 5-CATCGC(C/T)TGCTTT-3 278
rs406193 DNMT3B C501T - Intron 20 5-GAGACC(C/T)ATTAAT-3 -
rs35846833 DNMT3B G301A R/C Exon 20 5-CGAAGA(C/T)GCACAG-3 320