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Figure 1

From: Promoter de-methylation of cyclin D2 by sulforaphane in prostate cancer cells

Figure 1

SFN decreased mRNA and protein expressions of DNA methyltransferases in prostate cancer cells. a. Benign hyperplasia cells (BPH-1), LnCap and PC3 cells were treated with SFN (15 and 30 μM) or 5-Aza-dC (5 μM) for 48 h. RNA was extracted and cDNA synthesized for qRT-PCR. Values are fold change of gene copy numbers normalized to GAPDH and compared to vehicle. b. Whole cell lysates were extracted and DNMT1 protein levels were analyzed by western blot. The lower graph represents the relative density of DNMT1 normalized to β-actin levels. Results represent means ± SEM, n = 3. P values represent treatment values compared to vehicle.

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