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Introductory editorial

We are delighted to announce the launch of this first issue of Clinical Epigenetics, a new peer-reviewed journal, which publishes original (not previously published) work of exceptional quality and interest and which intends to give a wide-ranging coverage of research, views, and reviews on epigenetic principles and mechanisms, and their effects in relation to human health and disease. Clinical Epigenetics will include epigenetic research in humans and various disease model organisms and will be of interest to the basic researcher as well as to the physician scientist and the clinician.

The Journal is published by Springer, will start on a quarterly publication schedule, and will provide a forum to a readership that is interested in practical questions in clinical epigenetics, and the implications of epigenetics on human health and disease. It will serve as the official publication for the Clinical Epigenetics Society, for a non-profit international association of physicians, scientists, and interested individuals with the goal of promoting and supporting scientific research and communication within the field of clinical epigenetics.

Clinical Epigenetics is the first journal dedicated to the connection of epigenetic patterns to human physiology and disease. The Journal will be published both in print and online with an option for open access. All articles will be promptly peer-reviewed by leading experts. We expect Clinical Epigenetics to attract manuscripts of the highest quality in order to be of the greatest possible benefit to its readers.

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