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Table 1 List of epi-drugs used in this study

From: Therapeutical interference with the epigenetic landscape of germ cell tumors: a comparative drug study and new mechanistical insights

Type Target Drug References
HDACi HDAC1 Quisinostat [23]
SIRT1 Selisistat, Nicotinamide [25, 28]
HDMi KDM1A/LSD1/AOF2 GSK2879552, Bizine [30, 33]
KDM2A/FBXL11 Daminozide [32]
HMTi SUV39H1 Chaetocin [31]
PAHi BRD4 MZ-1 [37]
BRD7 LP99, VZ185 [36, 38]
BRD9 LP99, VZ185, BI-9564 [29, 36, 38]
PRC1i RING1 PRT4165 [27]
PRC2i EZH2 GSK343 [34]
DNMTi DNMT1 Aurintricarboxylic acid [24]
  1. Type of target, target name, drug name and reference are indicated. HDACi: histone deacetylase inhibitor, HDMi: histone demethylase inhibitor, HMTi: histone methyltransferase inhibitor, PAHi: inhibitor of proteins binding to acetylated histones, PRCi: polycomb-repressive complex inhibitor, DNMTi: DNA methyltransferase inhibitor