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Table 3 Methylation and expression correlation analysis

From: Genome-wide methylation and expression analyses reveal the epigenetic landscape of immune-related diseases for tobacco smoking

Regulatory element DMR DEG Correlation analysis
Region Genehancer ID Direction (smokers–nonsmokers) Target gene Direction (smokers–nonsmokers) P value
Promoter chr12:108733790–108734067 GH12J108336 Hyper CMKLR1 Down 0.0108
Promoter/enhancer chr2:222312663–222313620 GH02J221447 Hyper EPHA4 Up 0.0130
  chr2:74375246–74375595 GH02J074146 Hyper AUP1 Down 0.0433
  chr12:108733790–108734067 GH12J108336 Hyper CMKLR1 Down 0.0108
  chr12:48289327–48289770 GH12J047896 Hyper DDX23 Down 0.0122
  chr11:126030937–126031289 GH11J126157 Hyper FAM118B Down 0.0181
  chr2:74375246–74375595 GH02J074146 Hyper HTRA2 Down 0.0433
  chr22:22128415–22128928 GH22J021772 Hyper IGLV5-52 Down 0.0424
  chr19:30158120–30158513 GH19J029660 Hyper PLEKHF1 Down 0.0241
  chr11:116699588–116699946 GH11J116825 Hyper SIDT2 Down 0.0159
  chr1:161513847–161514197 GH01J161539 Hyper SLAMF7 Down 0.0324
  chr11:116699588–116699946 GH11J116825 Hyper TAGLN Down 0.0116
  chr1:92291397–92291719 GH01J091825 Hyper TGFBR3 Down 0.0376
  chr5:372991–373651 GH05J000367 Hypo AHRR Up 0.0324
  chr3:98239609–98240661 GH03J098521 Hypo CLDND1 Up 0.0220
  chr3:169757128–169757597 GH03J170037 Hypo GPR160 Up 0.0131
  chr19:19928614–19928997 GH19J019816 Hypo ZNF506 Up 0.0348
  chr19:38186831–38187042 GH19J037695 Hypo ZNF793 Up 0.0194
  chr17:73684198–73684529 GH17J075683 Hypo LLGL2 Down 0.0316
  chr11:67024748–67025170 GH11J067257 Hypo RAD9A Down 0.0420
  chr9:116164296–116164796 GH09J113396 Hypo RGS3 Down 0.0001
  chr22:46442102–46442610 GH22J046040 Hypo TTC38 Down 0.0179
  chr7:148723197–148723699 GH07J149026 Hypo ZNF282 Down 0.0220