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Fig. 6

From: Skeletal muscle methylome and transcriptome integration reveals profound sex differences related to muscle function and substrate metabolism

Fig. 6

adapted from GTEx portal, n = 803). e GGT7 RNAseq expression in the FUSION males and females (FPKM—fragments per kilobase of transcript per million) (n = 274). f GGT7 qPCR expression in a subset of Gene SMART males and females (AU—arbitrary units; 2−∆Ct) (n = 30)

Differential DNA methylation and expression of GGT7 between males and females. a UCSC gene track of GGT7. From top to bottom: base pair scale in black, GENCODE gene tracks transcript variants in blue, GeneHancer regulatory element annotations in light blue, hyper-DMRs tracks in red, hypo-DMRs tracks in blue. b Heatmap of the Gene SMART study (beta values adjusted for all confounders except sex) across the 3 CpGs included in the GGT7 hypo-DMR selected in blue lines and labelled with mean DMR effect size (n = 65). Each row represents an individual; green denotes males and orange denotes females; ordered by similarity to other individuals. Each column corresponds to a CpG in the DMR, ordered by genomic location and corresponding to 5C. Blue denotes hypomethylation; red denotes hypermethylation. c Distribution of DNA methylation (beta values) in males and females, for the three CpGs in the DMR, matching 5B (n = 65). d GGT7 RNAseq expression (TPM—transcripts per million) in males and females of the GTEx (

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