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Table 2 Overview of SCAN variables from section 6 ‘Depressed mood and ideation’ for 160 studied PRISME individuals

From: DNA methylation of the KLK8 gene in depression symptomatology

Variable Variable description Completeness rate (case/control)
v6_001 Depressed mood 1/0.99
v6_003 Tearfulness and crying 1/0.99
v6_004 Anhedonia 1/0.99
v6_005 Duration of depressed mood or anhedonia 0.98/0.44
v6_006 Loss of hope for the future 0.99/0.13
v6_007 Feeling of loss of feeling 0.99/0.11
v6_008 Loss of reactivity 0.99/0.1
v6_009 Morning depression 0.99/0.09
v6_010 Preoccupation with death or catastrophe 0.99/0.09
v6_011 Suicide or self-harm 0.99/0.09
v6_012 Tedium vitae 0.99/0.09
v6_013 Pathological guilt 0.99/0.11
v6_014 Guilty ideas of reference 0.99/0.1
v6_015 Loss of self-confidence with other people 0.99/0.11
v6_016 Social withdrawal 0.99/0.09
v6_017 Loss of self-esteem 0.99/0.1
v6_018 Delusions of guilt or worthlessness in context of depression 0.73/0.04
v6_019* Delusions of catastrophe in context of depression 0.69/0.04
v6_020 Hypochondriac delusions in context of depression 0.85/0.04
v6_025 Age of first onset of depression symptoms 0.86/0.09
v6_026b* Date of onset of psychotic symptoms or psychotic episode 0.93/0.3
v6_027 Interference of activities due to depression 0.95/0.26
  1. *Variables omitted from the analysis due to 0 variance in the measurements