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Table 4 CpGs associated with prenatal risk are linked to genes that have been associated with traits in the GWASdb

From: Prenatal risk factors and neonatal DNA methylation in very preterm infants

Gene Traits (N) Selected traits
BNIP3 8 Self-reported educational attainment, intelligence, mathematical ability, household income, schizophrenia, cognitive function
PRKAG2 38 Self-reported educational attainment, mathematical ability, brain/neuroimaging measurement, gut microbiome measurement, white matter microstructure, cardiovascular disease, brain volume measurement, bipolar disorder, psychotic symptoms, cognitive function
ZDHHC11 1 Myopia age of onset
LINC00261 4 Body mass index, fasting blood glucose measurement, birth weight
IGSF5 4 Systolic blood pressure, hypertension, short-term memory, health literacy
KIF26B 15 Brain volume/neuroimaging measurement, response to SSRI, unipolar depression, diet measurement, brain measurement, schizophrenia
COG4 3 Body height, body weight, body mass index
C15orf54 1 Dihydroxy docosatrienoic acid measurement
ZNF398 10 Brain volume/neuroimaging measurement, white blood cell count
CDCA4 1 Telomere length
CRYBB2P1 4 Bipolar disorder
TACC2 16 Opioid dependence, metabolite measurement, body weight gain, schizophrenia, body height, reaction time measurement
MASP1 3 Type 2 diabetes
MBIP 6 Self-reported educational attainment, hypertension