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Table 2 DMRs in the FOXF1 locus detected by statistical group comparisons

From: Genome wide DNA methylation analysis of alveolar capillary dysplasia lung tissue reveals aberrant methylation of genes involved in development including the FOXF1 locus

Group comparison

60 kb enhancer region

Between enhancer and promoter

FOXF1 promoter

FOXF1 gene body

ACD/MPV vs. Control

ACD-del vs. Control

ACD-mut vs. Control

chr16: 86,210,617–86,211,669 (FC 3.5)

chr16: 86,243,281–86,243,394 (FC 1.1)


chr16: 86,212,910–86,213,514 (FC 2.7)

chr16: 86,345,534–86,345,640 (FC1.4)


chr16: 86,504,259–86,504,462 (FC1.1)


chr16: 86,504,711–86,505,743 (FC 7.3)


chr16: 86,505,840–86,506,078 (FC 1.0)*

  1. All depicted DMRs were hypermethylated in ACD/MPV samples except for one DMR detected in the ACD-mut vs. control analysis (*), this DMR was hypomethylated in ACD-mut samples. Genomic coordinates are based on Chr16(GRCh38)