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Table 2 Epigenetic drugs in clinical trials

From: Current understanding of epigenetics mechanism as a novel target in reducing cancer stem cells resistance

Class Drug Treatment method Cancer type Current status Clinical trial Reference/identifier
DNMTi Azacitidine Only MDS, CMML Completed FDA approved [279]
Only AML Completed Phase III NCT01074047
+ Pembrolizumab Pancreas cancer Recruiting Phase II NCT03264404
+ Valproic acid Advanced cancer Completed Phase I NCT00496444
+ Quizartinib Recurrent AML, CMML and MDS Active, not recruiting Phase I/ II NCT01892371
Decitabine Only MDS, CMML Completed FDA approved [280]
Only AML Completed Phase III NCT00260832
+ Fludarabine and busulfan AML, MDS Completed Phase 1 NCT01455506
+ Quizartinib + venetoclax Recurrent AML and MDS Recruiting Phase I/ II NCT03661307
Guadecitabine Only AML Completed Phase 2 NCT01261312
Only HCC Completed Phase 2 NCT01752933
+ Pembrolizumab + mocetinostat Lung cancer Recruiting Phase 1 NCT03220477
Disulfiram Only Metastatic breast cancer Recruiting Phase II NCT03323346
Only Prostat cancer Completed Not applicable NCT01118741
HDACi Romidepsin Only CTCL Completed FDA approved [281]
+ Erlotinib Stage III/ IV NSCLC Completed Phase I NCT01302808
HDACi Panobinostat (LBH-589) + Bortezomib and dexamethasone Myeloma who received at least bortezomib and IMiDs Completed FDA approved [282]
Only Prostat cancer Completed Phase I NCT00663832
Only Colorectal cancer Completed Phase II NCT00690677
Vorinostat (SAHA) Only CTCL Completed FDA approved [283]
Only AML Completed Phase 2 trial NCT00305773
+ Radiation therapy AML
Pancreatic cancer
Terminated Phase I/II NCT00831493
+ Carboplatin + etoposide SCLC Terminated Phase I/II NCT00702962
Only NSCLC Completed Phase I NCT01059552
Only Glioblastoma stem cells Completed Phase II [284]
Chidamide Only PTCL Completed FDA approved [285]
+ Exemestane + placebo Breast cancer Active, not recruiting Phase III NCT02482753
+ Paclitaxel + carboplatin + placebo NSCLC Completed Phase II NCT01836679
Givinostat (ITF2357) Only Lung CSCs Completed Phase II [284]
Only Chronic myeloproliferative neoplasms Active, not recruiting Phase II NCT01761968
Belinostat Only PTCL Completed FDA approved [286]
Only Advanced cancer Completed Phase I NCT01583777
+ Ribociclib Metastatic breast cancer, recurrent ovarian carcinoma Recruiting Phase I NCT04315233
HDMi Tranylcypromine + Tretinoin AML, MDS, Leukemia Completed Phase I NCT02273102
+ All-trans retinoic acid + cytarabin AML, MDS Recruiting Phase I/ II NCT02717884
Tazemetostat Only Malignant mesothelioma Completed Phase II NCT02860286
Only Rhabdoid tumors, NI1-negative tumors, synovial sarcoma malignant, rhabdoid tumors of ovary Recruiting Phase I NCT02601937
CPI-1205 + Ipilimumab Advansed solid tumors Completed Phase I NCT03525795
Only B cell lymphoma Completed Phase I NCT02395601
ncRNA EnGeneIC (mir-16 mimic) Mitoxantrone packaged EDV (EnGeneIC delivery vehicle) Solid tumors, CNS tumors Recruiting Phase I NCT02687386
MRX34 (mir-34a mimic) Only Primary liver cancer, SCLC, NSCLC, lymphoma, melanoma Terminated Phase I NCT01829971
TargomiRs Only MPM, NSCLC Completed Phase I NCT02369198
Patisiran Only hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis Completed FDA approved [287]
Cobomarsen (anti-mir155) Only CTCL, CLL, ATLL Completed Phase I NCT02580552
+ Vorinostat Cutaneous T cell lymphoma/mycosis fungoides Terminated Phase II NCT03713320