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Table 2 Natural product of the epigenetic target and clinical trials

From: Predictive biomarkers and potential drug combinations of epi-drugs in cancer therapy

Natural product Epigenetic target Condition References Clinical trial (Condition)
Resveratrol DNMT Breast cancer 95 NCT00256334 (Colon Cancer)
NCT00433576 (Colon Cancer)
Curcumin DNMT
Prostate cancer
Lung cancer
96–99 NCT03211104 (Prostate cancer)
NCT01333917 (Colon Cancer)
NCT02439385 (Colon Cancer)
NCT01160302 (Head and Neck Cancer)
NCT01042938 (Breast cancer)
NCT00113841 (Multiple Myeloma)
Sulforaphane EZH2 Melanoma 100 NCT01228084 (Prostate cancer)
NCT00946309 (Prostate cancer)
NCT00894712 (Breast cancer)
NCT00982319 (Breast cancer)
Tanshindiols EZH2 B cell lymphoma 101 No studies
Rottlerin EZH2 Prostate cancer 102 No studies
Olive oil HDAC Multiple Myeloma 103 NCT02599103 (Colorectal Neoplasms)
Ibotenic acid HDAC7 Breast cancer 104 No studies
Baicalein HDAC Core binding factor-acute myeloid leukemia 105 No studies