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Table 7 Differentially Variable Positions for solid cancers

From: DNA methylation and cancer incidence: lymphatic–hematopoietic versus solid cancers in the Strong Heart Study

CpG Chr Gene Function In 450 k Log Var Ratio p value FDR
cg21902846 12 CCDC92 DNA repair and reduction/oxidation reactions No 0.91 1.22E−11 9.65E−06
cg23070169 2 XIRP2 Associated to Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome No − 0.64 5.90E−09 0.0022
cg26292116 2 AQP12B Migration, invasion and proliferation of human breast tumor cells No − 0.33 8.44E−09 0.0022
cg13911116 1 MTOR Its activation promotes tumor growth and metastasis, many MTOR inhibitors have been approved to treat human cancers Yes 0.28 1.05E−07 0.021
cg21383151 10 TBC1D12 Mutations suggested to be related to bladder cancer Yes 0.41 1.55E−07 0.023
cg08598861 13 SPRY2 Regulates metastatic potential and differentiation in several cancers No − 0.59 1.74E−07 0.023
cg18146737 1 GFI1 Significant role in development of lung cancer and prostate cancer and tumor suppressor gene in colorectal cancer Yes 0.53 3.37E−07 0.038
  1. Log Var Ratios: Natural log of the ratio of the absolute deviations of cancers versus non-cancers. A Log Var Ratio of log(2) would mean that the variance of one group is twice that of the second group
  2. Models adjusted for age, smoking status (never, former, current), sex (male/female), BMI (kg/m2), cell proportions (CD8T, CD4T, NK, B cells and monocytes), five genetic PCs and study center (Arizona, Oklahoma or Dakota)