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Fig. 3

From: Identification and validation of methylated differentially expressed miRNAs and immune infiltrate profile in EBV-associated gastric cancer

Fig. 3Fig. 3Fig. 3

The putative target genes of miR-129-2-3p and the PPI network. Target genes were screened using different online databases (miRMap, miRanda, miRDB, TargetScan and miTarBase). Among the 10 genes, HOMER2 and TMEM100 were validated in 3 different databases (miRDB, miRanda and miRMap), while AKAP12, PLA2G7, HOXA10 and LARP6 were confirmed in both miRanda and miRMap. a The miRNA-mRNA regulation network between miR-129-2-3p and its putative target genes was established using a series of online database. b PPI network was constructed using STRING database and visualized with Cytoscape. c A comprehensive regulation network was established by combining the miRNA-mRNA and PPI networks. d The quantification of expression of the putative target genes and their correlations with miR-129-2-3p in GC samples. e Dual luciferase reporting system to test the binding activity of the putative target genes and miR-129-2-3p

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