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Table 2 Differentially methylated genes validated by pyrosequencing for CROb versus WNIN/Ob group

From: High-fat diet-induced and genetically inherited obesity differentially alters DNA methylation profile in the germline of adult male rats

Pathway Genes Region Chromosome number Position
CROb versus WNIN/Ob
Wnt Sox17 Intergenic 5 14,917,510
Wnt1 Intergenic 7 140,463,854
Hedgehog Spopl Intergenic 3 496,642
Gli1 Exon 7 70,622,579
TGF-beta Dcn Intergenic 7 38,710,172
Bmpr1b Intergenic 2 247,673,531
Notch Rbpj Promoter-TSS 14 4,679,285