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Table 3 Canonical pathways among rhesus macaque DMG in LN during chronic phase of the infection

From: DNA methylation changes in metabolic and immune-regulatory pathways in blood and lymph node CD4 + T cells in response to SIV infections

Ingenuity canonical pathways  − log(p value) Genes
PTEN signaling 4.73 BCL2L1, CSNK2A1, GRB2, RPS6KB2, NFKB1, MAP2K1, PRKCZ
PI3K/AKT signaling 3.69 BCL2L1, GRB2, RPS6KB2, NFKB1, MAP2K1, PRKCZ
Acute myeloid leukemia signaling 3.40 KITLG, GRB2, RPS6KB2, NFKB1, MAP2K1
CD27 signaling in lymphocytes 3.37 BCL2L1, BID, NFKB1, MAP2K1
IGF-1 signaling 3.07 CSNK2A1, GRB2, RPS6KB2, MAP2K1, PRKCZ
NGF signaling 2.90 GRB2, RPS6KB2, NFKB1, MAP2K1, PRKCZ
ErbB4 signaling 2.85 YAP1, GRB2, MAP2K1, PRKCZ
Role of NANOG in mammalian embryonic stem cell pluripotency 2.83 WNT3A, RIF1, WNT3, GRB2, MAP2K1
IL-15 signaling 2.72 BCL2L1, GRB2, NFKB1, MAP2K1
Erythropoietin signaling 2.66 GRB2, NFKB1, MAP2K1, PRKCZ
  1. Top 10 pathways sorted by statistical significance are depicted