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Table 2 Canonical pathways among total AGM DMG

From: DNA methylation changes in metabolic and immune-regulatory pathways in blood and lymph node CD4 + T cells in response to SIV infections

Ingenuity canonical pathways  − log(p value) Genes
Neuregulin signaling 3.34 RPS6KB1, ITGA3, HSP90AB1, GRB2, CRKL, PRKCB, EGFR, PRKCA
Nitric oxide signaling in the cardiovascular system 3.33 PDE2A, HSP90AB1, GUCY1A3, GRB2, PRKAR1B, PIK3CD, ARG2, PRKCB, PRKCA
Caveolar-mediated endocytosis signaling 3.14 ITGA3, ITGA7, ACTC1, ITGB7, COPG1, EGFR, PRKCA
Cholecystokinin/gastrin-mediated signaling 2.88 PTK2, GRB2, CREM, PLCB1, IL1F10, PRKCB, EGFR, PRKCA
3-phosphoinositide biosynthesis 2.64 PLPP6, ITPK1, TNS3, PTPRJ, PPP1R7, GRB2, DOT1L, PIK3CD, MTMR7, EGFR, SACM1L
HER-2 signaling in breast cancer 2.59 GRB2, PIK3CD, PARD3, ITGB7, PRKCB, EGFR, PRKCA
Gap junction signaling 2.59 DBN1, GUCY1A3, GRB2, PRKAR1B, PLCB1, PIK3CD, ACTC1, PRKCB, EGFR, PRKCA
UVB-induced MAPK signaling 2.58 RPS6KB1, GRB2, PIK3CD, PRKCB, EGFR, PRKCA
HGF signaling 2.54 ETS1, PTK2, ITGA3, GRB2, CRKL, PIK3CD, PRKCB, PRKCA
Superpathway of inositol phosphate compounds 2.53 PLPP6, ITPK1, TNS3, PTPRJ, PPP1R7, GRB2, DOT1L, PLCB1, PIK3CD, MTMR7, EGFR, SACM1L
  1. Top 10 pathways sorted by statistical significance are depicted