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Table 5 Novel HDACi combination therapies under investigation for relapsed/refractory peripheral T-cell lymphomas (Refer to Enrica Marchi et al.) [55]

From: Epigenetic alterations and advancement of treatment in peripheral T-cell lymphoma

Combination trials Mechanism of action Phase ID
Chidamide + CHOP Anthracycline-containing regimens I NCT02809573
Chidamide + Cyclophosphamide + Thalidomide HDAC inhibitor + Immunomodulatory drugs II NCT02879526
Romidepsin + CHOEP Anthracycline-containing regimens I/II NCT02223208
Romidepsin + CHOP Anthracycline-containing regimens III NCT01796002
Romidepsin + ICE Anthracycline-containing regimens I NCT01590732
Romidepsin + Lenalidomide HDAC inhibitor + Immunomodulatory drug II
NCT02232516 NCT01742793
Belinostat + Carfilzomib HDAC inhibitor + proteasome inhibitor I NCT02142530
Pralatrexate + Romidepsin HDAC inhibitor + antifolate I/II NCT01947140
Romidepsin + 5-Azacitadine hypomethylation agent + HDAC inhibitor I/II NCT01998035