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Table 4 List of microRNA (miRNA) expression is dysregulation in ALCL

From: Epigenetic alterations and advancement of treatment in peripheral T-cell lymphoma

Subtype of PTCL Dysregulate microRNA Biology significance
PTCL-NOS Overexpressed miR-187 [173] (1) Associates with high Ki-67 expression, promotes T-lymphoma cell proliferation
(2) Relates to tumour progression
(3) MiR187 stabilized MYC oncoprotein through Ras-mediated ERK and AKT activation
ALK + ALCL [174] miR-17 ~ 92 overexpressed
(1) Target BIM, identified to have a role in oncogenic ALK signalling in ALCLs
(2) Sustain oncogenic properties of STAT3 in T-cell lymphoma [175]
ALK − ALCL miR-155 expressed more than10-fold higher in ALK − ALCL. [174]
ALCL [176] Upregulation of miR-135b (1) miR-135b mediates NPM-ALK–driven oncogenicity, targets GATA3, STAT6, FOXO1
(2) Renders IL-17-producing immunophenotype to anaplastic large-cell lymphoma
ALK + ALCL miR-16, MiR-29a,
(1) miR-16 regulate VEGF [177]
(2) MiR-29a inhibiting apoptosis through overexpression of MCL-1 [146]
(3) miR-96 a posttranscriptional suppressor, target ALK [178]
ALK( +) ALCL 5 upregulated:
miR-155 miR-146a,
(1) miR-17 ~ 92 is an important downstream effector of ALK oncogenic pathway[179]
ALK(−) ALCL 4 Upregulated:
7 Downregulated:
(1) The signature of a series of 11 miRNAs distinguishes ALK (−) ALCL from other PTCLs. (2) Classification of peripheral T-cell lymphoma subtypes [179, 180]
ALCL miR-101 was downregulated in all ALCL
cell lines,
(2) miR-101 in the regulation of mTOR pathway [174]
BCL6 and a specific set of miRNAs Mutual regulation between BCL6 and a specific set of miRNAs controls the TFH phenotype in peripheral T-cell lymphoma [181]
Peripheral T-cell lymphoma not otherwise specified Expression levels of miRNA (1) Discriminating PTCL NOS from activated CD4 + and CD8 + T-lymphocytes, such as AITL and ALCL
(2) miR-132-3p is also an important modulator of the PTCL NOS transcriptome [182]
PTCL NOS 13 miRNAs upregulated and 7 miRNAs downregulated the potential to be used as biomarkers for the identification of patients with PTCL NOS [183]
Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma. In AITL, Upregulated:
miR-146a, miR-193b miR-34a downregulated
Both miR146-a and miR-30b contribute to the pathogenesis of AITL [184]
ALK( +) ALCL miR-21 Downregulated Targets DNMT1 mRNA [103]