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Table 2 Genes linked to regulatory features overlapping with clusters of differential methylation

From: Changes in DNA methylation profiles of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome patients reflect systemic dysfunctions

Gene ID Regulatory element Cluster Description
XAF1 GH17J005769 CHR17 A negative regulator of the inhibitor of apoptosis (IAP) family resulting in increased stress induced apoptosis
ZNF594 GH17J005769 CHR17 Implicated in transcriptional regulation
DUSP22 GH06J000290 + Region of enhancer (GH06J000290) and gene interaction CHR6 Activator of the JnK pathway involved in apoptosis, inflammation, cytokine production and metabolism
EXOC2 GH06J000290 CHR6 A component of the exocyst complex important for the targeting of vesicles to docking sites on the plasma membrane
IRF4 GH06J000290 + Region of enhancer (GH06J000225) and gene interaction CHR6 A lymphocyte specific member of the interferon regulatory factor family of transcription factors for regulation of interferons in response to infection by virus
UCP2 Region of enhancer (GH11J073778) and gene interaction CHR11 A member of the mitochondrial uncoupling protein family that creates proton leaks across the inner mitochondrial membrane
DNAJB13 Region of enhancer (GH11J073968) and gene interaction CHR11 A heat shock protein with an important role in the formation of the central complex of ciliary and flagellar axonemes
DUS3L Gene Body Overlap + GH19J005798 + Region of enhancer (GH19J006270) and gene interaction CHR19 A protein catalyzing the synthesis of dihydrouridine
LONP1 GH19J005798 CHR19 A mitochondrial matrix protein that mediates the selective degradation of damage and the regulation of mitochondrial gene expression
CATSPERD GH19J005798 CHR19 A component of the CatSper complex involved in sperm cell hyperactivation
FUT6 GH19J005798 CHR19 A Golgi stack membrane protein involved in the creation of the blood group antigen sialyl-Lewis X
FUT3 GH19J005798 CHR19 An enzyme that catalyzes the final step of Lewis antigen biosynthesis involved in the expression of; Vim-2, Lewis A, Lewis B, sialyl Lewis X and Lewix X/SSEA-1 antigens
FUT5 GH19J005798 CHR19 A paralog of FUT6
NDUFA11 GH19J005798 CHR19 A subunit of the membrane bound mitochondrial complex I which functions as the NADH-ubiquinol reductase of the mitochondrial electron transport chain
VMAC GH19J005798 + Region of enhancer (GH19J005620) and gene interaction CHR19 A vimentin-type intermediate filament-associated coiled-coil protein
NRTN GH19J005798 + Region of enhancer (GH19J005798) and gene interaction CHR19 A member of the GDNF family for survival and function of neurons. Implicated in immune responses with PBMCs—up-regulation indicating immune cells are communicating via NRTN
SAFB Region of enhancer (GH19J006055) and gene interaction CHR19 Implicated with stress responses, cell cycle, apoptosis and cell differentiation
  1. Annotation includes the ‘GeneHancer’ ID of the associated differentially methylated enhancer, or the enhancer identified in the four clusters of differentially methylated region of regulatory interaction. Also included is the chromosome in which the cluster was located along with a brief description of the gene function. All are associated with hypo-methylated clusters except the rows highlighted italic that indicate association with a hyper-methylated cluster