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Table 3 Ex vivo treatment with apabetalone counters IFNγ-mediated induction of gene expression in monocytes

From: BET protein inhibitor apabetalone (RVX-208) suppresses pro-inflammatory hyper-activation of monocytes from patients with cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes

  1. aGene induction in response to IFNγ is expressed as a mean fold change relative to vehicle (DMSO). bEffect of 25 μM apabetalone in the presence of IFNγ is shown as a mean fold change in gene expression relative to IFNγ stimulation alone. cGenes significantly downregulated in response to 5 μM apabetalone. Italics gene symbols indicate an enhanced response to IFNγ in DM2 + CVD monocytes (as compared to controls, also Fig. 5). dGenes differentially sensitive to apabetalone treatment in DM2 + CVD versus control cells (also Fig. 7a). Italics numbers indicate fold change with an adjusted p value < 0.05 (2-way repeated measures ANOVA)