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Table 1 Genes used in methylation-based prognostic prediction model

From: Genome-wide methylation patterns predict clinical benefit of immunotherapy in lung cancer

Probe Coefficient Gene symbol Gene function Cancer relatedness
cg22029157 − 1.52 IRF6 Interferon regulatory factor associated with cytokine signaling Tumor suppressor activity
cg12007048 − 1.096 CTSD Proteolytic activation of hormones and growth factors (i.e., EGFR) Linked with poor prognosis in NSCLC
cg07935119 − 1.04 GRN Granulin coding gene; growth factor involved in inflammation and cell proliferation Regulate tumorigenesis; immune evasion, proliferation
cg23079808 − 0.989 LTBR Tumor necrosis factor receptor; signaling immune response and programmed cell death Activation linked to carcinogenesis
cg04450862 − 0.907 TRIM36 Mediate ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation of target protein Known to be upregulated in cancer
cg19918549 0.347 EVL Actin-associated proteins involved in axon guidance Upregulated in breast cancer
cg24612198 0.385 CD3E Part of CD3 complex that facilitate T cell development Down regulation of this gene results in T cell apoptosis
cg17771150 0.969 LCP1 Actin-binding protein that are involved in T cell activation Upregulated in cancer