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Table 5 Significant SNP-ncRNA pairs after the Bonferroni multiple-testing adjustment

From: meQTL and ncRNA functional analyses of 102 GWAS-SNPs associated with depression implicate HACE1 and SHANK2 genes

SNP RefGene Position (hg19) ncRNA Host gene Bonferroni-adj. p value % ncRNA mRNA levels difference
rs7117514 SHANK2 11:70544937 hsa-miR-3664-5p SHANK2 0.015 5.2
rs72710803 AL122019 1:177428018 hsa-miR-488-5p ASTN1 0.026 10
rs301799 RERE 1:8489302 hsa-miR-6728-3p ENO1 0.032 − 8.9
rs7659414 4:177350956 ENSG00000201516 WDR17 0.037 − 3.9
  1. Linear models with ncRNA expression as outcome and SNP, age, and sex as predictors. The difference in mRNA levels is shown between major allele carriers and heterozygous and homozygous for minor allele
  2. SNP single nucleotide polymorphism, ncRNA non-coding RNA