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Table 3 Significantly enriched pathways enriched in genes annotated to top 100 CpGs associated with birthweight

From: DNA methylation loci in placenta associated with birthweight and expression of genes relevant for early development and adult diseases

Ingenuity canonical pathways Molecules p value FDR p value
Assembly of RNA polymerase I complex POLR1E, POLR1C 1.0E− 03 0.008
CTLA4 signaling in cytotoxic T lymphocytes AP1G1, FGFR2, PTPN22 1.1E− 02 0.016
DNA methylation and transcriptional repression signaling CHD4, CHD3 1.1E− 02 0.016
Protein kinase A signaling FLNB, PPP3R1, PTPRE, PTPN22, ANAPC11, PDE9A 9.0E− 03 0.016
Pyrimidine deoxyribonucleotides de novo biosynthesis I RRM2, RRM2B 5.0E− 03 0.016
mTOR signaling FGFR2, PRR5L, ARHGAP8/PRR5-ARHGAP8, PRR5 1.5E− 02 0.018
Virus entry via endocytic pathways FLNB, AP1G1, FGFR2 1.8E− 02 0.018