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Table 1 Sources of tumor cases for cancer-specific diagnostic model building in this study

From: Novel visualized quantitative epigenetic imprinted gene biomarkers diagnose the malignancy of ten cancer types

Tissue typeCase numbersHospitalsIRB/IEC number
Bladder3160Shanghai Changhai HospitalCHEC2019-029
Breast2661Shanghai Changzhen Hospital2018SL015
Colorectal1642Shanghai Changzhen Hospital2018SL015
Esophagus1841Shanghai Changzhen Hospital2018SL015
Gastric1842Shanghai Changzhen Hospital2018SL015
Lung26154Shanghai Changzhen Hospital; Shanghai Institute of Respiratory Diseases, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital2018SL015, 2017-035R
Pancreatic2144Shanghai Changzhen Hospital2018SL015
Prostate1745Shanghai Changzhen Hospital2018SL015
Skin1338Institute of Dermatology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences2018-LKS-014
Thyroid24127Jiangsu Jiangyuan Hospital, Shanghai Tenth People’s HospitalYL201811, SHSY-IEC-4.1/19-6/01
  1. *Benign samples were non-cancerous tissues from patients with benign lesions and used as negative control. Normal samples for gene screening were obtained adjacent to the benign lesions