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Table 3 Meta-analysis of first trimester CRP and newborn methylation in four cohorts

From: Cord blood DNA methylation reflects cord blood C-reactive protein levels but not maternal levels: a longitudinal study and meta-analysis

CpG SiteEffectSEp value*Direction**Het. p valueChr: position
cg198586710.00418.00E−041.21E-06++?+0.838: 130951373
cg06320401− 0.00920.00191.50E-06----0.741: 48176755
cg22649187− 0.00690.00153.56E-06----0.8811: 48176755
cg04747517− 0.00225.00E−043.89E-06----0.733: 169755595
cg05986933− 0.00429.00E−044.11E-06----0.842: 43020457
  1. SE standard error, Het heterogeneity, chr chromosome
  2. *All FDR p values < 0.5 (non-significant) and were adjusted for maternal age, race (as applicable), socioeconomic income (by education, income, or other cohort specific factors), maternal BMI and smoking, and cell type distribution [21] (Model 2)
  3. **Direction of associations for each cohort in the following order: GenR, PREDO, INMA, EAGeR; the “?” is due this CpG being excluded from analysis in INMA after data cleaning steps