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Table 6 Proportions of phenotypic variance explained by the DNAm risk scores employed

From: Epigenetic prediction of complex traits and mortality in a cohort of individuals with oropharyngeal cancer

Methylation scoreVariance explained in phenotype
 Trejo Bayesian (59 CpG sites)48.7%
AHRR (cg05575921)47.0%
 McCartney LASSO (233 CpG sites)43.5%
 Joehanes (Bonferroni) (2623 CpG sites)40.5%
 Joehanes (FDR) (18,670 CpG sites)33.5%
 Zhang (4 CpG sites)5.2%
 Liu model 4 (144 CpG sites)16.5%
 Liu model 3 (78 CpG sites)15.8%
 Liu model 1 (5 CpG sites)13.9%
 Liu model 2 (23 CpG sites)10.3%
 McCartney LASSO (450 CpG sites)10.0%
 Trejo Bayesian (144 CpG sites)24.5%
 McCartney LASSO (1109 CpG sites)22.2%
Educational attainment
 McCartney LASSO (373 CpG sites)0.4%