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Table 1 Baseline descriptive statistics of included participants (N = 364)

From: Epigenetic prediction of complex traits and mortality in a cohort of individuals with oropharyngeal cancer

 Alive (N = 273)Dead (N = 91) 
CharacteristicNFrequencyNFrequencyP value
Age at enrolment
 < 44207.3%33.3%0.016
 45 to 548330.4%2224.2% 
 55 to 6411341.4%3437.4% 
 65 to 744817.6%2224.2% 
 75 +93.3%1011.0% 
TNM stage
 Low (I–II)3914.3%88.8%0.176
 High (III–IV)23485.7%8391.2% 
HPV status
 Negative6122.3%4852.7%< 0.001
BMI group
 Not overweight7338.0%3155.4%0.021
 Overweight or obese11962.0%2544.6% 
 None16460.1%3437.4%< 0.001
Education level
 School education11642.5%4549.5%0.470
Self-reported smoking status
 Never9635.2%1112.1%< 0.001
Self-reported alcohol intake
  1. BMI body mass index, HPV human papillomavirus, N number.aComorbidity was defined using the Adult Comorbidity Evaluation-27 (ACE-27) index [37]. For the purposes of analysis, moderate and severe comorbidity groups were combined