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Table 1 Characteristics of the study population

From: Adverse childhood experiences, DNA methylation age acceleration, and cortisol in UK children: a prospective population-based cohort study

CharacteristicsMean (SE) or % in girlsMean (SE) or % in boysP valuea
Chronological age17.11 (0.05)17.16 (0.05)0.46
DNA methylation age acceleration (years)− 0.24 (0.18)0.25 (0.17)0.05
Plasma cortisol (nmol/L)522.54 (15.99)465.85 (11.24)< 0.01
Count of adverse childhood experiences  0.85
 Two or three35.932.7 
 Four or more18.219.4 
Individual adverse childhood experience exposure   
 Emotional abuse22.921.90.75
 Emotional neglect14.616.90.34
 Parent mental health problem52.747.20.13
 Parent convicted13.111.60.60
 Parental separation20.925.90.11
 Physical abuse18.017.80.95
 Sexual abuse4.92.00.05
 Household substance abuse13.413.90.85
 Violence in household21.321.90.85
  1. SE standard error
  2. aTwo-tailed P value