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Table 2 Associations between methylation and genetic scores and BMI/birth weight at the same time point

From: The association of DNA methylation with body mass index: distinguishing between predictors and biomarkers

 NAssociations between methylation score and BMI/birth weightAssociations between genetic score and BMI/birth weight
Effect size1, in kg/m2 per SD in methylation score (CI)p valueAdjusted R-squared3Effect size2 (CI)p valueAdjusted R-squared3
Birth482369.27 (35.35, 103.18)6.83E−050.02− 219.75 (− 412.59, − 26.90)0.030.004
Childhood9060.25 (0.12, 0.39)2.23E−040.012.24 (1.45, 3.02)2.72E−080.03
Adolescence7700.97 (0.69, 1.26)3.91E−110.035.25 (3.65, 6.85)2.12E−100.05
Pregnancy7920.62 (0.36, 0.87)2.31E−060.022.91 (1.38, 4.43)1.95E−040.02
Middle-age7262.06 (1.67, 2.46)1.58E−230.104.72 (2.54, 6.90)2.45E−050.02
  1. 1From model adjusting for age (except at birth), sex (where applicable), sample type (where applicable) and cell type proportions (B cell, CD4T, CD8T, Gran, Mono and NK).
  2. 2From model adjusting for age and sex (where applicable)
  3. 3Adjusted R-squared obtained from model with only the methylation score or genetic score and no other covariates
  4. 4The effect size units for birth are grams per standard deviation in DNA methylation score