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Table 1 List of 37 enriched genes belonging to the DNA binding category (GO:0003677)

From: DNA methylation changes in Down syndrome derived neural iPSCs uncover co-dysregulation of ZNF and HOX3 families of transcription factors

Group Gene name CGI position (hg19) State # DMP DEG
HOX proteins HOXD4 chr2:177014948-177015214 Hyper 2  
HOXD3 chr2:177029413-177029941 Hyper 1 Up
MEIS1 chr2:66672431-66673636 Hypo 3  
HOXA3 chr7:27163819-27164098 Hyper 3 Up
HOXB3 chr17:46631800-46632212 Hyper 1 Up
HIST1 proteins HIST1H3A chr6:26020671-26021125 Hyper 1  
HIST1H4A chr6:26020671-26021125 Hyper 3  
HIST1H2BK chr6:27107138-27107394 Hyper 1  
HIST1H2AL chr6:27833120-27833406 Hyper 4  
HIST1H1B chr6:27835190-27835461 Hyper 1  
ZNF transcription factors PRDM16 chr1:3102540-3103352 Hypo 2  
ZNF512 chr2:27805754-27806078 Hyper 1 Down
ZNF518B chr4:10458129-10459353 Hyper 1 Down
CXXC5 chr5:139040819-139041028 Hypo 1 Up
FEZF1 chr7:121943867-121944538 Hypo 3  
TRPS1 chr8:116660432-116660747 Hyper 1  
ZNF263 chr16:3332472-3333847 Hypo 1  
ZNF397OS chr18:32847284-32848130 Hyper 1  
ZNF441 chr19:11877720-11878280 Hypo 1 Up
ZNF69 chr19:11998804-11999131 Hypo 10 Up
ZNF700 chr19:12035899-12036433 Hypo 9 Up
ZNF763 chr19:12076029-12076366 Hypo 9  
ZNF529 chr19:37095680-37096589 Hyper 1  
Transcription factors SP5 chr2:171569877-171573904 Hypo 2  
SP3 chr2:174828330-174830617 Hypo 1  
NEUROD6 chr7:31375845-31376542 Hyper 1  
PAX5 chr9:36985986-36986924 Hypo 1 Up
CREBZF chr11:85374872-85376234 Hypo 1  
SIM2 chr21:38079941-38081833 Hypo 1  
DNA-binding proteins COLEC11 chr2:3683029-3683290 Hypo 1  
WRNIP1 chr6:2765203-2766775 Hyper 2  
JRK chr8:143750759-143751448 Hypo 2  
FBXO21 chr12:117627650-117628488 Hypo 2 Up
KDM2B chr12:121975028-121976140 Hyper 1  
POLE chr12:133249979-133250243 Hypo 1 Down
WNT1 chr12:49371690-49375550 Hyper 2  
SMC1B chr22:45809191-45809953 Hypo 2  
  1. Genes annotated to a CGI+ with at least 1 DMP. Columns denote groups of encoded proteins, position of CGIs, methylation state, number of DMPs and differential expression of genes (DEG; Up upregulated, Down downregulated; p < 0.05)