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Table 4 Results from t tests comparing methylation levels in samples with epigenetic mutations to normal samples using data from the 450k array and pyrosequencing

From: Comprehensive longitudinal study of epigenetic mutations in aging

DataNumber of samples classified by 450k resultsMean difference (methylation level, %)p value
cg05270750, 450 k-chip811213.394.34e-6
cg05270750, Pyroseq10.792.01e-3
cg17338133, 450 k-chip761713.116.39e-8
cg17338133, Pyroseq9.350.02
cg25351353, 450 k-chip672614.587.93e-17
cg25351353, Pyroseq12.709.20e-8
cg05124918, 450 k-chip633021.873.22e-20
cg05124918, Pyroseq11.083.76e-07