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Table 3 The results of the scaled number of shared epigenetic mutations calculated from different sets of CpGs in association with age, sex, twin zygosity, and zygosity-age interaction

From: Comprehensive longitudinal study of epigenetic mutations in aging

 CovariatesEstimateStandard errorp value
All CpGs (390,894)Age0.0198.59e-30.026
Zygosity (DZ)− 1.0780.1053.41e-18
Zygosity (DZ) × age− 0.0120.0110.284
Non-cis-meQTL CpGs (370,234)Age0.0259.17e-35.98e-03
Zygosity (DZ)− 0.8550.1141.05e-11
Zygosity (DZ) × age− 0.0130.0120.263
Cis-meQTL CpGs (20,660)Age2.86e-47.61e-30.969
Zygosity (DZ)− 1.4611.1058.34e-28
Zygosity (DZ) × age− 3.77e-39.64e-30.696
  1. meQTL: methylation quantitative trait loci