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Table 2 Significantly enriched pathways in OSCC-GB patients based on 209 genes significantly differentially methylated in their promoter regions and related information

From: Epigenomic dysregulation-mediated alterations of key biological pathways and tumor immune evasion are hallmarks of gingivo-buccal oral cancer

KEGG pathwayNo. genes% Associated genesCorrected p valueNames of associated genes
PPAR signaling pathway45.410.036CD36, CYP27A1, OLR1, PPARG
Arachidonic acid metabolism34.760.046EPHX2, GPX3, LTC4S
Acute myeloid leukemia34.550.038PER2, PIK3CD, ZBTB16
Longevity regulating pathway44.490.034ADCY6, PIK3CD, PPARG, SESN1
B cell receptor signaling pathway34.230.037CD72, IFITM1, PIK3CD