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Table 4 Pubertal exposure analysis in ALSPAC on the factors and CpGs identified in IOW

From: Changes in DNA methylation from pre- to post-adolescence are associated with pubertal exposures

Pubertal exposuresCpG sitesGenesEst. coeff.p valueRaw
BMI5/7BMI5/7 × gender$cg08770870RPH3AL− 0.0180.465
cg19663246PDE1C− 0.0020.932
Pubertal eventsFemale’s age of menarchecg06271237PLAGL10.0040.619
Other factorsCurrent/Former smoking status (Yes)cg05575921AHRR− 0.1997.43 × 108
cg14753356IER3− 0.0990.010
cg26703534AHRR− 0.0710.002
cg24296397BSN− 0.0170.403
cg08709672AVPR1B− 0.0350.031
cg16391678ITGAL− 0.0920.003
cg20295214AVPR1B− 0.0040.896
cg21241889TRAF1− 0.0290.137
cg04885881SRM− 0.0330.236
cg08109568FAN1− 0.0050.868
cg08884752SKI− 0.0480.131
  1. [1] $Female is the reference group [2]. Est. coeff.: estimated regression coefficients for each risk factor [3]. p valueRaw: raw p values for each test, and p values < 0.05 are in bold font