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Table 2 Key events in the discovery of the first two waves of epigenetic drugs

From: The timeline of epigenetic drug discovery: from reality to dreams

 DNA methyltransferase inhibitors
1964Azacitidine and decitabine synthesis
1967Azacitidine enters clinical trials
1980Azacitidine and decitabine identified as DNMT inhibitors
1980Decitabine enters clinical trials
2004Azacitidine FDA approval
2006Decitabine FDA approval
 Histone deacetylase inhibitors
1971DMSO reported as differentiation agent
1976Bisamide precursor to SAHA (vorinostat) reported as differentiation agent
1990Trichostatin A identified as HDAC inhibitor
1990Romidepsin reported as a natural product
1996Vorinostat synthesis
1997Romidepsin enters clinical trials
1998Vorinostat and romidepsin identified as HDAC inhibitors
2000Vorinostat enters clinical trials
2006Vorinostat FDA approval
2009Romidepsin FDA approval
2014Belinostat FDA approval
2015Panobinostat FDA approval
2015Chidamide China’s FDA approval