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Table 1 Data summary of the cohorts used in this study

From: Body mass index is associated with epigenetic age acceleration in the visceral adipose tissue of subjects with severe obesity

VariableStudy participants (n = 52)Liver (n = 62)Liver (obesity) (n = 40)
(n = 24)(n = 28)(n = 17)(n = 45)(n = 6)(n = 34)
Chronological age35.010.632.95.70.3655.617.345.210.30.0151.
  1. Data are expressed as mean and standard deviation (SD). Liver and liver (obesity) refer to publicly available data (GSE48325) [27] and a subset of subjects with BMI > 40 kg/m2, respectively. p stands for p values obtained in Student’s t test. BMI body mass index