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Table 2 DNAm-Alc and AUDIT score in the sub-sample with repeated DNAm-Alc measurements. Estimates of the effect of DNAm-Alc on AUDIT at a time point prior to AUDIT measurement (childhood, birth and pregnancy), at a time point cross-sectional to AUDIT (adolescence and midlife), and with the effect of prior and cross-sectional DNAm-Alc modelled simultaneously. see the ‘Methods’ for details

From: Validation and characterisation of a DNA methylation alcohol biomarker across the life course

Dependent variableIndependent variable(s) (DNAm-Alc score)NβSEp valueAdjusted R2*
AUDIT at adolescence~ Childhood601− 0.060.370.879− 0.16
~ Adolescence0.940.330.0051.17
~ Childhood + adolescence− 0.29, 0.990.37, 0.340.44, 0.0041.11
AUDIT at adolescence~ Birth4380.700.380.0640.56
~ Adolescence0.930.400.0210.99
~ Birth + adolescence0.56, 0.830.38, 0.410.138, 0.0421.27
AUDIT at midlife~ Pregnancy5180.150.260.557− 0.13
~ Midlife1.630.25< 0.0017.38
~ Pregnancy + midlife− 0.14, 1.660.25, 0.260.574, < 0.0017.25
  1. AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, DNAm-Alcs DNA methylation alcohol biomarkers