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Table 6 The summary of the prognostic value of patients with hypermethylated genes compared with those without hypermethylated genes in tissue and plasma samples

From: Analysis of the clinical significance of DNA methylation in gastric cancer based on a genome-wide high-resolution array

  ADAM19 methylation FLI1 methylation MSC methylation
Tissue Plasma Tissue Plasma Tissue Plasma
Clinicopathological features More stage IV GC More stage IV GC Fewer early GC Fewer early GC None Fewer superficial GC
Initial recurrence pattern No correlation No correlation More tumor recurrence in the liver, distant lymphatic and para-aortic LN More liver metastasis More liver metastasis No correlation
Patient prognosis No correlation No correlation Independent prognostic factor of OS and DFS Independent prognostic factor of OS and DFS No correlation No correlation
  1. DFS disease-free survival, GC gastric cancer, LN lymph node, OS overall survival