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Table 5 Nomenclature of PCA groups

From: Smoking index, lifestyle factors, and genomic instability assessed by single-cell gel electrophoresis: a cross-sectional study in subjects from Yucatan, Mexico

Abbreviated name of PCA group Extended name Variables included
Comet C Total comet body without treatment Comet area, comet length, comet DNA (pixels and percent)
Comet T5 Total comet body with 5% H2O2
Comet T10 Total comet body with 10% H2O2
Head C Comet head without treatment Head area, head DNA, head intensity, head length
Head T5 Comet head with 5% H2O2
Head T10 Comet head with 10% H2O2
Tail C Comet tail without treatment Tail moment, tail length, tail area, tail DNA (pixels and percent)
Tail T5 Comet tail with 5% H2O2
Tail T10 Comet tail with 10% H2O2
Comet C-T5-T10 Combined scores of total comet body with and without treatment Comet intensity
Head C-T5-T10 Combined scores of comet head with and without treatment Head intensity
Tail C-T5-T10 Combined scores of comet tail with and without treatment Tail intensity