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Fig. 4

From: Oral vitamin C supplementation to patients with myeloid cancer on azacitidine treatment: Normalization of plasma vitamin C induces epigenetic changes

Fig. 4

Vitamin C supplement causes upregulation of genes in the viral defence pathway in malignant myeloid cancer cells from DNMTi naïve, but not non-naïve, patients. a Heatmap representing the expression changes of viral defence genes in DNMTi naïve patients (patient ID 1 and 9 receiving vitamin C and patient ID 7 receiving placebo) analysed by RNAseq. b The effect of vitamin C on the mRNA expression of genes in the viral defence pathway is different in DNMTi naïve (top panel, n = 3) and DNMTi non-naïve (bottom panel, n = 3) patients. The top panel represents fold changes (before vs after supplement) of the viral defence genes that were upregulated in DNMTi naïve patients receiving either vitamin C supplement (patient ID 1 and 9; C3D1 vs C2D1, light orange; C3D28 vs C2D1, orange) or placebo (patient ID 7; C3D1 vs C2D1, grey; C3D28 vs C2D1, dark grey)

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